Born Raymon Davis (June 10 198X), Also goes by the stage name "Scane" is an American rapper, songwriter, producer, engineer and president of Do You See What I See Entertainment. As of 2006 Scane has dropped 3 solo mixtapes, 2 group albums with the Crane Crushers, and over 50 collaborations with other independent hiphop artist. In 2012 Scane and the Crane Crushers were nominated and awarded rap group of the year by the black music awards held in Las Vegas, NV.  Scane was born in Dayton, OH and raised by 2 hard working parents.  Growng up in the rough neighborhood known as "Dayton View", this is where Scane would develop his love for music and sports.  " Where im from your either in the streets huslting or playing sports the other choices were either death or jail". Scane got his nickname form high school friends which was actually "Too Scan" but he eventually took the too off and added an e to the end. In the every so changing world of hiphop Scane is working hard to solidify his position. With music influenece's Like Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, 2pac, Roger Troutman as well Lil wayne, Scane's music is a combination of old soul music mixed with new sounds and catchy auto tune assisted hooks. Living in Las Vegas since 2004 scane has developed a great relationship with city he calls home now. Not only is he an artist, Scane also engineers for other hiphop acts and runs a home based studio on the East side of Las Vegas.